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Andrade speaking with several companies after WWE Release




Former WWE Superstar Andrade recently took part in a media call with Más Lucha to discuss what’s next for his career following his release from WWE earlier this month. Below are some highlights from the former NXT and US champion (h/t Fightful, Carlos Toro, and Luis Pulido).

Andrade on his current status: “If I sign with a company, the exclusivity would be in the United States, but I would like to keep wrestling outside. I would like to work in Ring Of Honor, where RUSH is. I would like to go to Japan and return to Mexico. I would like to wrestle in AAA as much as in CMLL, but I don’t want to just sign with one company. If I were to sign, I would be exclusive inside the United States because in Mexico, it’s different. You wrestle, you get paid [in Mexico]. In the United States, when you sign, you wrestle, but you also get your yearly salary. I’m in talks with several companies.”

On what ring names he will use going forward: “I have the rights in Mexico for Andrade and El Idolo. I always managed the El Idolo Super Estrella. I registered La Sombra in the United States. When I left WWE, I couldn’t work as Andrade or Andrade Cien Almas in the United States as I was known back in WWE. I haven’t decided what my name is. I do want to carry Andrade as it is my last name. But in Mexico, they like the name La Sombra. I don’t have a specific name but I want to have Andrade there, maybe like Andrade La Sombra or La Sombra De Andrade. I just have to manage it well. [On perhaps changing his look], that’s the idea. I have some ideas. I’ll keep going without a mask. On a global level, they know my face, but maybe on some occasions, I could put on the La Sombra mask. There might be some changes and I got a few surprises.”

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